It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

IMG_0615Decorating for Christmas was especially fun this year.  This is our first year as a married couple and this is our first year hosting Christmas for my family.  We have all the festive touches including two trees, decorated with ornaments from both mine and Ryan’s childhood.

IMG_0618Lots of JOY.  This includes ornaments and many many other decorations.  Ryan said that he expected me to have some JOY things but he never expected quite so many.  Just from where I sit in our living room I can see 14 different JOY decorations.  My name is very popular during this season.

IMG_0616Christmas isn’t complete without a wreath on the door.  This makes me happy every time I come home.  I wish we could have done outdoor lights but I will happily settle for a wreath.

IMG_0619And the anticipation wouldn’t be complete without advent.  This is one of our favorite wedding gifts.  Our advent wreath.  We enjoy lighting it every night when we read the Bible and our devotionals geared towards remembering Jesus, the true reason for the season.

IMG_0617In addition to the advent wreath, we also have two fun advent calendars.  Calendar #1 is from Ryan’s childhood.  Each day we put another ornament on the tree.

IMG_0620Calendar #2 is one of at least 5 nativity scenes in our home.  Each day we add another part of scene.  Angels, shepherds, wisemen, animals and more.

IMG_0621This is my favorite nativity scene.  Ryan set it up with lights above it.  These figures are from my Auntie Dora who was a sweet family friend.  We have multiple decorations from her but this set is by far my favorite.

IMG_0604And finally Christmas needs a basketful of seasonal stuffed animals.  When I was growing up, these use to decorate my bed during the season.  But now, just like the wreath, every time I see them I smile.  Of course, this year the basket wouldn’t be complete without a couple of kangaroos:-)

IMG_0622So around here it is beginning to look a lot like Christmas.  I hope that your home is as fun and festive as ours.  Here’s to making the most of the Christmas season!




One thought on “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

  1. Merry Christmas to you two! We hope you have a Blessed 1st Christmas. Loved seeing all your decorations and the stories behind them!

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