2014 Tree Cutting

Our quick trip up to Sacramento last weekend resulted in lots of fun, lots of laughter and many new memories.
IMG_0306It’s always fun to get together with my cousins and take trips down memory lane.  We all have great, funny, interesting memories of holidays when we were younger.  The hats we are all wearing use to be in the dress-up box that provided us hours of entertainment when we were little.  But getting together is especially nice now that we are making new memories with our ever-expanding family.  We have new spouses, girlfriends, boyfriends, children and expected children (once again, I am not pregnant but three other women in my family are) that are now part of our holiday traditions.  We get to make new memories but we also get to share traditions and memories from the past.

IMG_20141206_144252One of these old traditions comes in the form of the Red Dresses.  These dresses were made by my mother for Christmas Eve many years ago.  All the sisters and Grandma had a dress made for them and they were worn for many years.  One of my aunts still wears it every Christmas Eve while a couple of the other aunts rolled their eyes at the sight of the dresses.

Red Dress ModernAnd here are Santa’s helpers dressed up this year.  We passed out gifts to the new generation.  Three of my cousins now have kids.  My mom was one of 6, there are 9 grandchildren and the great grandchildren count is currently 4 with three more on the way.

IMG_0274Tree cutting is a great way to kick off the Christmas holidays.  Although this picture isn’t the entire family, it is a good portion of the family and we’re quickly running out of space on the stairs.  We’re looking forward to many many more family events and many many more sweet memories.

2 thoughts on “2014 Tree Cutting

  1. What a really, loving time for your whole family! You are so lucky to have such a large family and are so close. Jack and I want to wish you and Ryan , and the whole family a very Blessed CHRISTMAS!

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