Welcome December and Rain!

Yesterday before church I was sitting in the living room under our skylight and I heard an unfamiliar noise.  I eventually looked up and figured out that it was the rain pitter pattering on our skylight.  What a sweet sound.  Rain!

IMG_0612This picture is our backyard and you can see the rain splashing on the table top and ground.  It’s beautiful!  And while it didn’t rain very hard for long, it did rain off and on all day long.

There is more rain in the forecast this week.  Please pray that the rain would be plentiful but gentle.  After such a dry time, the possibility of floods and mudslides is greatly increased.  We desperately need the rain in California but we don’t need the problems often associated with wet weather after such a long time of dry weather.

Thank you for praying.  Rain is such a sweet way to begin December!


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