One, Two, Three Thanksgiving Meals

Last year I was having Thanksgiving with my family in San Fransisco.  This year Ryan and I have celebrated three times.  We have a lot to be thankful for.

IMG_20141121_221543Thanksgiving #1 was celebrated with close friends and the Bible study crew.  We enjoyed turkey with all the fixings and then Ryan took a break from teaching through the Bible to teach a study on the history of Thanksgiving.  It was a good reminder of the amazing freedom we have to worship here in the USA.

thanksgiving#2This was Thanksgiving #2.  We celebrated with our Southern California family.  For this Thanksgiving, the kids had well-timed naps so that we could enjoy the amazing food and cousin/family/adult conversation.  Once the kids woke up we celebrated some more!  I’m so thankful for my wonderful family.

IMG_20141127_212933And finally Thanksgiving #3.  The morning was spent relaxing and watching the Thanksgiving Day Parade, along with past Thanksgiving Friends episodes, while enjoying the smells of turkey roasting and stuffing in the oven.  The afternoon was spent with friends.  Playing games and watching football added to the festivities.  It was a great low key Thanksgiving celebration.

I hope you all have counted your blessing this year and celebrated well with good food and good fellowship.  Happy Thanksgiving!


One thought on “One, Two, Three Thanksgiving Meals

  1. Thanks for sharing your Thanksgiving stateside memories, Joy.

    This week I am in the San Diego area to spend time with both of my sons, their families, and sister/husband. Thanksgiving day is slowly coming to an end( grandkids are still awake.)

    Earlier this evening, my daughter-in-law told me of a new site,, which features stories of interest. I thought of your experience in PNG while hearing a discussion about the people of the Amazon. The premise was that the indigenous tribes have such knowledge and use of natural resources for healing. Some groups still wish to remain isolated from civilization. Their history is an oral one and when they die prematurely, that ” book” is lost.

    My daughter-in-law once lived in the Wheaton College ( Chicago area) dorm named after missionary Stephen Saint who was killed by tribesmen from a remote area in Ecuador. (Several months ago I saw the tribe featured in a museum in Quito.) Joy, the challenge is in reaching out to those peoples to tell them of Jesus Christ, yet when isolated tribes are met by outsiders the outcome can be disease and severe illness.

    Ryan and you will meet those folks who do not necessarily blend in with the established Aussies. Even on the streets of Adelaide you may meet folks dressed in business attire, but they still face the stigma of being labeled an Aboriginal. I shall keep you in prayer as you wait for news of a specific area in which you may serve the Lord. Geographically, it’s west AU, but where and how shall be revealed to you at some point. Decisions!

    God bless you two and happy first Thanksgiving as a married couple. Bert

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