How can I love you better?

It’s no secret that I have an amazing husband.  One of the things that makes him amazing, is that he isn’t satisfied with the status quo.  Ryan desires to keep learning how to love me better.  He often says that he’s working on getting a PhD in me.  This degree won’t get Ryan a better job but it will make our marriage better.  And I’m not the most cooperative research subject.  This is lifetime learning that he’s signed up for.

IMG_0599One of the ways he learns about me is by asking, “How can I love you better?”  Since we’ve been married, he has asked me this question many times.  I can’t tell if there is a rhyme or reason for when he asks me but I do know that he asks me only when we have time for him to really listen to my answer.  For him, it’s not just about asking the question but also about listening to my answer and applying what he learns.  I’m a blessed woman.

When he asks me that question, sometimes I don’t know what to tell him.  Sometimes I think I know what I want but it’s hard to put into words.  Sometimes I have something concrete to tell him.  And sometimes I ask him the question back.  But no matter what, I do know that there is power in those words, “How can I love you better?”  It’s just one of the ways that Ryan is learning me.  He’s truly an amazing man.

So go ahead, give it a try.  Ask your significant other, “How can I love you better?”


One thought on “How can I love you better?

  1. You are truly a lucky lady! Ryan is truly a gift from God to you! Love and appreciate him every day!

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