Aboriginal Countries

Since we returned from our Australia trip, Ryan and I have had the privilege of sharing with a lot of different individuals and couples.  It’s been great to be able to put words to our experiences.  Ryan and I are working on how to share our vision together and it’s wonderful to be united in our direction for the future.


Last night we shared with a couple friends who had some interesting questions about the Aboriginal community.  So we pulled out our newest Australia map that includes the Aboriginal countries.  In the US we talk about American Indian territories.  But in Australia they talk about Aboriginal countries.  You can see, from the many colors on the map, that even though it’s easy to think of Aboriginals as one large people group, there are actually many many different groups.  These groups represent difficult cultures and languages.

Even in Perth there isn’t just one group of Aboriginals.  Traditionally the land was owned by the Noongar people and there are still many Noongar in the area.  But Australia continues to be a mixing and changing society.  I met one Aboriginal college student whose family is from Arnhem land, way up in the north.  There are Aboriginals from other parts of Australia as well as neighboring groups who all now live in Perth.

It’s wonderful to continue learning about Australia through different eyes.  Each question that gets asked allows Ryan and I to get to know Australia a bit better.  And we are thankful for great resources like this map of the Aboriginal countries that help us to share our heart and vision for our future in Australia.


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