Back to Reality and Butterflies


Jet lag seems to be lingering a lot longer coming back.  It’s our 4th full day back in the states and I am still in a bit of a haze.  I can’t speak for Ryan but since he was out of the house for work at 4:25 this morning, I can probably safely say that he isn’t bright eyed and bushy tailed.  Please keep praying for us to be awake and adjust well.


While we’re waiting for me to think more clearly and get things in order, please enjoy these pictures from the Butterfly Garden at the Changi Airport.  The Changi Airport is amazing and the butterflies were a nice little breath of fresh air in between long flights.  We definitely recommend it if you ever have some extra time in terminal 3.


3 thoughts on “Back to Reality and Butterflies

  1. Welcome back, Joy and Ryan. Did you have a bog describing what you did on your trip? I read a brief description of your first few days in Perth. I assume that you did take a trek to some of the smaller communities in the outskirts of that metropolitan area. Bert

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