The Jet Lag Fog

October 30th was an extremely long day.  We left Perth at 2am on the 30th.  Arrived in Singapore at 7am on the 30th.  Left Japan at 7pm on the 30th.  And finally arrived back at LAX at 1pm on the 30th (that’s 6 hours earlier than when we left Japan).  By the time 7pm on the 30th rolled around again, Ryan and I were fighting to stay awake and so after some failed attempts we gave in and were sound asleep by 8pm.

Although Ryan was awake from about 2am to 7am before sleeping again, I slept 14 hours before finally rousing myself after 10am.  Ryan was up about an hour later.  And despite the sleep, yesterday was still quite foggy.  We didn’t accomplish much other than staying awake.  But that in itself seemed like quite a feat.

Last night we each slept for about 10 hours again.  Much needed sleep as our bodies continue to adjust back to California time.  And much needed sleep because tomorrow begins real life once again.  And that includes waking up at 4 for both of us.  Since China doesn’t participate in daylight savings, my students will be ready for me an hour earlier and Ryan begins at the radio station once again.

Please pray for us as we unpack, adjust and navigate our new reality living in California but taking the necessary steps to get us back to Perth.


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