Packing Can Be Fun!

Ok so maybe that exclamation point is a little much.  But packing doesn’t have to be a chore or a headache.  Ryan and I are learning how to pack together and in order to get that done we need a list, suitcases and good communication.  Thank you once again to everyone who bought or contributed to the buying of these suitcases.  It’s great to have two awesome non-black luggage sets.  I’m sure there may still be people with our same bags (hence the bright green add-ons) but if you’ve ever looked at a typical luggage carousel, looking for green and purple makes finding our luggage a whole lot easier.

IMG_0552We did our pre-pack on Thursday and we will do our final pack on Saturday.  Pre-pack is something I like to do in order to make sure we didn’t need to do another load of laundry or a quick trip to the store.  (Both of which needed to happen today.)  It’s also nice to find out sooner rather than later if what you’re planning to bring will or won’t fit in the suitcase.  And in case you were wondering, no we aren’t taking all the suitcases but they are all out to make sure we have the right sizes.  Since Ryan is bringing his skateboard, we were testing out how the board would fit.  Verdict: kitty-corner.

Just a weekend ahead of us and we’re off to Australia!


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