Silverfish in my Cereal

When I lived in PNG I expected unsavory creatures in my food.  It was just a normal daily experience.  There were lots of flies and lots of ants and sometimes other crazy surprises.  But I was living in Papua New Guinea.

IMG_0523So imagine my surprise as I am eating my cereal the other day in suburban California and I find legs.  Yes, legs.  And they were attached to a little body.  I put my spoon down and of course, took a picture.  Can you see the little guy?  Here is a close up.

IMG_0526Lots of thoughts went through my head.  I should be thankful I have plenty of food to eat.  Despite having ants in our house, we don’t have to battle them in our food.  I rarely have a meal that I have to cover between bites to keep flies out.  And once again, we have plenty of food.  This was not the last bowl of cereal I had access to.

So in conclusion I am ultimately thankful but that won’t stop me from sharing these pictures and complaining just a little.  Anyone interested in a silverfish as a garnish for your cereal?  We have plenty and would be happy to share:-)

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