Reasons #20-#22 Why I Love My Husband

IMG_0516#20- His love of Google Earth.

Now this is not really about Google Earth, it’s more about Ryan’s sense of adventure and how he anticipates things.  We are both preparing for our Perth trip but Ryan and I have very different preparation styles.  I love that Google Earth is one of the ways that Ryan prepares.  He wants to see everything and have an idea in his head of where he will be and what it will look like.  For whatever reason this works for him, it gets him more excited about the places and the people.  And that makes me excited to be by his side as he explores and discovers these places in person.

#21- He admits when he is wrong.

I’m not the most gracious person when i’ve been wronged.  There are usually tears, anger and I will tell you how I feel.  I am very aware that I don’t always handle situations with grace or generosity and because of that I am so thankful that I have a husband who is calm, level headed and patient with me.  In that moment when I am mad, he doesn’t stoke the fire.  Ryan admits to his mistakes and does his best to redeem the situation.  He’s amazing.

Note:  I am often wrong myself.  But Ryan is also more loving and kind towards me in these situations.  Where my first response is agitation, he tends to just say something funny.  I know I got the better end of this deal:  I’m angry, Ryan endures my wrath.  He’s angry, I just have to listen to his jokes.

#22- He’s a proud Cheesehead.

Yes, I do love my husband because of, and not despite, his Wisconsin roots.  He’s a good midwestern guy.  He’s loyal to his home.  He knows where he came from and he loves how it influenced the man he is today.  Who wouldn’t love a guy with cheese running through his veins?

Checkout the other 19 reasons why I love my husband: #1-#4, #5-#7, #8-#10#11-#13#14-#16, #17-#19.  Ryan is seriously an amazing man.  I look forward to continuing to find reasons to love him even more.



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