A New Hobby: Beer Making

I’ve had lots of hobbies over the years but hopefully this one will stick.  Last year I received a beer making kit for Christmas and it’s now September but I finally gave it a try.  Here’s the process:


Step 1:  Follow the directions for heating the ingredients.  Since this was a kit, it was pretty easy to get the measurements right.


Step 2: Clean and sanitize all the equipment.  This is very important.  And then fill the jug.


Step 3: Let the yeast work.  This was a two week process where this hid in the pantry and I would check on it until the yeast had worked it’s magic.


Step 4:  Bottling day. Thanks to everyone who helped me collect bottle.  Everything gets sanitized again.


Step 5: From the jug to the bottle.  It was helpful to have an extra pair of hands for this step.


Step 6: Drop in the fizz and seal the bottles.


Step 7:  Let it sit.  Back in the pantry this beer did it’s thing and went from flat to fizzy.  And then into the fridge.


Step 8: Taste.  This beer was delicious.  I’ve had some other friends weigh in and I’m excited for a successful first batch. Cheers!

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