Headache Update

I’ve had a lot of people concerned about my head.  Thank you to everyone who gave me advice and encouragement after reading my previous post: Please Pray: Headaches are no fun.  I really do appreciate the concern and am happy to report that the headaches have stopped almost completely.  I’m so thankful that it wasn’t anything more serious.  After this experience, I also know better how to pray for my family and friends who experience severe headaches and migraines.

Between sleeping changes, neck massages from Ryan and the wonderful stretching relief of a rice filled sock, my head is doing much better.  I also have a heating pad that gets thrown in the microwave and relaxes my neck muscles.  Relief is very sweet.  There is still some chiropractic work in my future and I’m being careful not to sleep with my neck in an aggravating position.  But overall I get the most improved award.

Please keep praying.  Pray that the headaches won’t return and that I learn how to manage the occasional headache well.  My head thanks you for all your love and concern.


P.S. While typing this post autocorrect kept trying to turn headache into heartache.  Maybe it’s my fault for missing a letter or two but still a thought provoking substitution.  If you substitute heart for head and only read the first and third paragraph, this post takes on a whole new meaning.  Both headaches as well as heartaches are no fun.

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