Married Laundering

In an ideal world Ryan would be the laundry master.  He is detailed and patient.  But in reality, it usually falls to me because I have the flexible time and less strict work hours.  When we first married, we did laundry together a couple of times.  This gave us both insight into what is important to each other and how we did things.

Here are some differences: Ryan sorts by color.  Before marrying me this even included a red load (Go Badgers!).  I sort by fabric weight and then color.  We’ve both had to give up some of our sorting preferences especially since we do laundry at a laundromat where the costs get exponentially higher when you’re splitting things into much smaller loads instead of filling up each machine you pay for.  But in all this I gained a white load.  Whoowhoo!  I finally get to bleach my three pairs of white socks.

IMAG0019I prefer liquid detergent and Ryan prefers powder.  Ryan also doesn’t have a lot of experience with delicates and Woolite.  But at this point we have to use up the detergent we owned before we got married.  We still have at least another month, maybe two before that happens.  But I’m sure once we have to buy detergent there will be a compromise based on cost, effectiveness as well as our preferences.

We also have our own way of folding.  I fold to put things away and am generally not super picky.  Ryan folds carefully.  It takes me less time to fold but Ryan’s folding could probably withstand a windstorm.  However, I do care how my extra large towels are folded.  Short ways in half, then in thirds length wise and finally short ways in half again.  Got it?  Because this is the best way to fold large towels.

Despite these differences, there are also similarities.  We both have things that we don’t dry.  This requires remembering hangers when we go to the laundromat as well as remembering to take things out before they get tossed in the dryer.  Some clothes last longer when they aren’t dried and other things, like Ryan’s jeans, tend to shrink or shorten so they do better air drying.

We also try to iron as little as possible.  I have a couple things and Ryan has a couple things that need an iron passed over them from time to time but I’m super thankful that I married a man who doesn’t expect me to iron his shirts every week.

Today is once again laundry day and so I made the trek to the neighborhood laundromat.  Some day we will hopefully have laundry in our home but for now I will enjoy the fact that I can do all our laundry in about an hour.  Ryan will come home to a stack of his clothes folded Joy’s way.  This includes a jumbled pile of socks.  And despite his preferences, he is thankful that I did the laundry.

Even laundry is a way that we learn about each other.  We get to serve each other.  We also get to know each other better, but not just because we fold each other’s underwear.

And that is how Ryan and I do laundry married:-)


One thought on “Married Laundering

  1. Joy, I am very lucky! I used to do all of the laundry. I have special ways of folding also! After I got sick with Cancer , Jack took over, and is still doing most of it, he folds different, but I am thankful for his help and I realize it does not really matter! Clothes clean! Put away! Good thing!

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