I Ran.

I ran and no one was chasing me.  No bodily harm was being threatened.  There were no zombies in the vicinity.  No mobs or natural disasters.  Nothing.  I just ran for exercise.  Now I realize some of you are wondering why I am being so dramatic but others are probably stunned and speechless.  And with good reason because I didn’t just run today but I’ve now run 4 times in the past two weeks.  I just stood up and took a bow because i’m sure you’re all applauding my efforts.

IMG_0471Here’s the deal.  I’m a terrible runner.  I did cross country in high school until I discovered the joys of water polo.  There is a reason that I never lettered in a sport out of the water.  And i’ve tried running post high school without much success.  I tried in PNG but the uneven rocky roads and my lack of motivation kept it from really taking root.  I’ve tried running with my dad who does a 4 mile route 6 days a week.  He claims that it’s more of a shuffle than a run but I couldn’t keep up with him and in the end my poor hips hurt for days.  No thank you.

So what changed?  Well, i’ve been working out regularly with the help of Jillian Michaels workout DVDs.  Seriously, you should try these.  It’s great, only 20-30 minutes and she makes it easy to start and builds the intensity as you go.  If you’re a Prime member you can stream some of her longer work outs but I love the shorter ones.  Anyway, this coupled with hiking and swimming laps has been my go-to exercise.  But unfortunately Camarillo doesn’t have a good outdoor public pool and as much as I love the variety of Jillian workouts i’ve been needing something new and different.  It’s also not as easy to just take an hour and go hiking in this area.  So this is where the running comes in.

I ran once just to try and see if I would be incapacitated for a week and no harm came to me.  I ran again to see if the second time would cause me terrible horrible no good very bad pain.  Once again, I was ok.  So I downloaded a recommended running app that tracks my progress, gives me workout suggestions (like run 60 seconds, walk 90 seconds, repeat for 20 minutes) and logs other data like speed, duration, progress, etc.  I’ve now run twice with the little voice tracking my progress along the way.

I’m not sure if this is just a phase or if this will turn into something more.  Check back in a month and see if I’m still hitting the pavement a couple times a week.  This definitely won’t replace Jillian but it’s something new and different for me.  Variety can be good when it comes to a workout routine.  And if and when the Zombie apocalypse happens, maybe i’ll be able to outrun my neighbors.


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