If The Sharks Don’t Kill You….

….maybe the cows will.  Sharks have a reputation for being big, scary, stalking predators.  And this is true because sharks, especially the fearsome great white can take a great big bite out of you.  But despite the rise in shark attacks, there are a lot of things that are more deadly than sharks.  I looked over lots of lists but the most concise one can be found here: 5 Everyday Things More Dangerous Than Sharks.  If you don’t want to swim in the ocean because of sharks then you should probably be worried each night when you go to bed or the next time you use a vending machine.

IMG_0458But all jokes aside, sharks are predators which means they kill.  Ryan and I just watched a Shark Week special called “Australia’s Deadliest Shark Attacks” which claims that Western Australia is the deadliest shark attack zone on the planet.  I couldn’t find anything to back this up in just a quick internet search, beaches in California are evidently more dangerous when it comes to shark attacks, but this special said that in WA (just north and south of the Perth area) there had been 10 shark attacks since 2005 and 5 in less than 12 months.  Still less than the amount of people who are killed by deer every year but when you go for a swim in the ocean, it’s not Bambi you’re thinking about.

IMG_0457Scientists don’t really know why more sharks are coming in closer to the shore.  It could be for the fish, it could be ocean temperatures and in one case they even think that a female great white who lived in the area was drawing the attention of male great whites.  Killing sharks to keep them away seems a bit extreme even though these huge sea creatures have a way of terrifying people.  So the scientists have turned their attention to shark deterrent methods.  There isn’t anything that is guaranteed but it might make people feel safer when they venture into the water.

As for me, a fear of sharks won’t keep me out of the beautiful oceans in Perth but I will definitely respect these amazing, underwater hunters when I am swimming in their home.


2 thoughts on “If The Sharks Don’t Kill You….

  1. Dear Joy: Thanks for the shark video. But please realize that this was filmed one year ago, and that most of us readers of your blog are not swimming in shark-infested waters. ********************************************* However, back to the real world of current events, try to realize that we readers of your blog are far more interested in your personal health situation (sustained horrible headaches) ….. than well-known platitudes about sharks. ***************************** We would like to know if you have seen a licensed Physician who specializes in sustained headaches. This can be a very serious situation. Maybe you have a growing tumor that needs immediate surgery (I certainly hope not). I recommend an MRI scan by your M.D. to rule out this serious medical possibility. Sustained headaches need to be investigated by your physician. Hopefully, it is just a stress situation, whereby small changes can be highly effective for relief. ***************************** We are praying that in mid-August 2014, you are seeking a full-time teaching position in the Santa Barbara-area public school system. An adverse predicament (for some other veteran teacher, like a medical emergency or sudden retirement) can suddenly result in a vacancy that a local high-school principal needs to fill. Since you hold a California Teaching Credential, suddenly you could be hired for a well-paying full-time teaching position. “Chance favors the prepared”…..an old Boy Scout motto. I would systematically visit every public school in Santa Barbara County and Ventura County….and leave a resume with the principal. This is not an interview….but they get to see you in person (= a big visual about how wonderful Joy Ellen really is). Just smile a lot, then depart in five minutes for the next school. Since this is a drop-in situation, most principals are in a meeting solving one petty emergency after another….and Joy will have to be very patient, waiting in the lobby to see the principal or vice-principal in person. Take reading material with you in a brief case. Be willing to teach anything, including 8th Grade arithmetic, as well as your specialities (English composition and literacy). ********************************* Simultaneously, you might enroll in graduate school in Linguistics at the University of California at Santa Barbara. Your alma mater will be glad to instantly accept your application for an M.A. degree in Linguistics. You could also enroll in a local theological seminary to obtain an Master’s in Theology degree. Both are viable for you. Remember that Presbyterian women are expected to seek higher levels of Master’s degrees from the university or seminaries. ***************************** Yes, it is OK to cook on both burners simultaneously. (the voice of experience) Your own beloved father had courage to vigorously pursue a professional career in jurisprudence as an attorney (and later as a Superior Court Judge), simultaneously with a rapidly rising career as a high-ranking US Army officer in the California Army National Guard, meanwhile serving actively as an Elder in the Presbyterian Church, and being your full-time loving Father. Consider your Father’s career, then begin multi-tasking. ************************** With sustained prayerful support from the Presbyterian Deacons who are sagacious and prudent. Robert H. Sydnor _RHSydnor@aol.com_ (mailto:RHSydnor@aol.com) cell phone 916-335-1441 ***************************************************

    • Thank you Bob. The headaches are improving so I’m hoping that no alarm needs to be sounded. And I will be subbing again at the Oxnard adult school (ESL!) starting at the end of the month. There is a chance for a full-time position there. In the meantime I am still teach ESL online and developing curriculum for that company. I appreciate and covet your prayers!

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