Reasons #17-#19 Why I Love My Husband

#17- His Compassion

I’ve not been feeling well (see the previous headache post).  Ryan has been compassionate and generous and helpful during this time.  He’s all these things normally but it’s nice to see it kick into hyper drive.  While I don’t like feeling poorly, I love being cared for by my compassionate and loving husband.

#18- His willingness to try new things.IMG_0452This one may surprise the people who know Ryan well.  But I am not kidding, since we’ve been married Ryan has been very willing to try things that he definitely would have passed over previously.  He’s even surprised himself a few times.  His main preferences have not changed and some of the main no foods are still no-s but every little bit helps.  He’s still Ryan, he’s still particular but his horizons are ever expanding and he’s enjoying it.  A few of the things that have surprised him include cauliflower, pie, edamame and even mustard!  This particular mustard is super yummy and makes great asian style chicken:-)

#19- His love of cuddling.

Ryan is definitely a cuddler.  Read this- Love language = Physical Touch.  I know that over time we may want more of our own space while sleeping but for now we would rather be curled up together.  This has been interesting since my neck has been bothering me and I’ve been forced to sleep more on my back than my side.  I’m not a fan of Ryan draping his 6’10” frame over me (see the Married Sleeping post) and so this has limited our cuddling options.  But Ryan is creative and we make it work even if it means sneaking cuddles in throughout the day.  I’m very thankful for a husband who loves to cuddle.

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