Please Pray: Headaches are no fun

For the past month or so I’ve been getting headaches.  At first they were painful (as headaches usually are) but nothing a little water, stretching/massage and better posture didn’t fix.  Recently they’ve been getting worse and this weekend they’ve become quite terrible.  I am typing this with a cool cloth on my head, in a dark room and in a position that isn’t aggravating my neck.

IMG_0451Here is my current relief package minus my husband’s amazing hands.  He’s been generously giving me neck massages before bed in order to increase my chances of waking up headache free.  The dōTERRA Deep Blue Rub is quite amazing.  It helps relax my muscles along with soothing essential oils.  (Thanks Elizabeth for the recommendation!)  The sock is filled with rice which gets heated up in the microwave and becomes a nice tension relieving neck pillow.  And since i’ve been having some migraine-like symptoms the cool wet cloth provides relief as well as light blocking shade for my eyes while the Ginger-ale soothes my queasy stomach.  All this along with sleeping on my back instead of my side has been helping but I might need to call in reinforcements if I don’t get some major relief soon.

Please pray first of all for relief.  I feel quite incapacitated and useless.  And please also pray for wisdom with how to proceed with finding a solution.  Is this a job for the chiropractor, doctor, masseuse, someone else or a combination thereof?  I’d love to be back to sleeping and functioning normally again soon!


2 thoughts on “Please Pray: Headaches are no fun

  1. Will pray for you, Joy! I was recently introduced to do-TERRA products and have some deep blue rub myself. It really does work! I hope you will soon be head-ache free!


  2. So sorry kiddo!! Yes, we will pray for Wisdom in getting relief & that you get relief Soon xo
    Love & Prayers & God’s Felt Presence xo xo

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