Wisconsin in Pictures

Here are some picture highlights of our trip so far.  We’re having a great time and looking forward to our reception tomorrow!

P1020329Ryan convinced me that riding a bike was the best way to see Pardeeville in the summer.  Well he’s right but my butt doesn’t agree. I haven’t ridden a bike since college and i’m a little out of practice.

P1020333The nephews were gifted some of Ryan’s prized, mint in package, Star Wars action figures. No longer in package or mint.

P1020341Some of the amazing wildlife at the Baraboo zoo.

P1020381Haskin Dr. in Pardeeville Wisconsin.  Where the party is happening tomorrow!

P1020384The Wisconsin State Capital in Madison.  Last time I was here we could walk on this frozen lake.

P1020393Culver’s.  Butterburgers, fried cheese curds and an after meal frozen custard waffle cone.  Yum!

P1020411Ryan in his happy place.  Storm chasing.  Thunder. Lightening. Hail.  Glory!

P1020403So green!  I’m happier enjoying the Wisconsin outdoors when it’s not below freezing:-)


One thought on “Wisconsin in Pictures

  1. You guys are so very cute!! How long have you been married now? We want to tell you both you both made a wonderful choice in each other!! God is watching out over both of you with his blessings!!

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