Another Season in Wisconsin

Last time I was in Wisconsin it was cold, really cold.  There was snow on the ground and I wore many many layers.  We went sledding, enjoyed frosty hiking adventures and spent a lot of time inside so we wouldn’t have to face the freezing temperatures.

IMG_9987But tomorrow we leave for a completely different Wisconsin.  I am told that it will be green, sunny and there is a chance of thunderstorms.  We’ll be able to go for walks, without wearing everything in our closets, however we’ll have to watch out for the horse sized mosquitoes.

Ryan is looking forward to showing me some of the summer reasons why he loves Wisconsin.  And I’m looking forward to enjoying some time with my new family and getting to see friends at our final reception.  It will be mainly Ryan’s family and friends but I have a few people coming who I am super excited to visit with!

We’ll be gone from this Tuesday to next Monday and I’m hoping to get my Instagram (joycandee) working again so you can follow our escapades.  We’re planning on enjoying our final reception as well as some hiking, a supper club, family time, The Mustard Museum, the zoo and many more adventures.  But in case my blogging is sporadic and Instagram doesn’t work, just know that I am enjoying the mid-west friendliness, yummy cheese, good beer, and a wonderful time with all the cheeseheads in my life.

P.S. Click HERE for our final reception information.

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