Happy Birthday Ryan!

Ryan is now 35 years old.  His family and those who know him well will be shocked that there has been no pizza made or eaten in the celebration of his birthday.  There’s always next year:-)

Celebrations began July 4th with cupcakes topped with sparklers in lieu of candles.  A sweet happy birthday from my parents that included a pizza box filled with goodies.  And then the following friday, an ice-cream cake and the long standing happy birthday card exchange with a friend.

Today is Ryan’s actual birthday and so we waited until 10pm last night to go to bed in order to welcome his birthday-day.  Having been born in Wisconsin, Ryan’s birth-day begins at 12pm central time.

IMG_20140715_120946Tuesday is always Ryan’s long day at work so we had to be creative with our celebrations.  Lunch was a picnic at the park near our home.  Ryan opened his present and we enjoyed the rest of the ice-cream cake.  I made Ryan turn around for this picture because I didn’t want him to see all the surprises all at once!

And this evening is a turkey fritter dinner complete with cheesecake provided by some of Ryan’s friends.  I hope my husband has enjoyed his first birthday as a married man.  It’s been fun to plot and make it special for him!


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