Reasons #14-#16 Why I Love My Husband

#14- His sense of humor.  We laugh in this house, a lot.  Ryan can be crazy and ridiculous in such a wonderful way.  This makes my life better and probably helps my blood pressure as well.   It also makes it easier and more fun to have people over because my husband can be the walking entertainment center.

IMG_0413#15- He is a good sleeper.  This is a picture of the light that I often keep on at night once Ryan’s already asleep.  It’s actually pretty bright!  I can read or get work done on my computer, I could probably even have a dance party and the most response I would get from him is a grunt while he rolls over.  I’m so thankful that my husband is a great sleeper because this means that we can go to bed together even if I’m not ready to sleep yet.

#16- He is a good friend.  From being a listening ear, to following up with friends far away, to making time (often sacrificing sleep or other self care) for friends just to hang out or make sure they feel valued, Ryan is there.

These things that I love may seem like small or normal things sometimes but they all add up.  Keeping this list also keeps me looking and recognizing the things about this man that are wonderful.  I love you Ryan!


One thought on “Reasons #14-#16 Why I Love My Husband

  1. You two are so cute together! Very much in Love! Keep it up for another 75 years with God in your lives!

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