Celebrating Marriage: Reception #2 and #3

Ryan and I are looking forward to our next Wisconsin adventure.  We booked our flights and will be in Wisconsin from July 29th through August 4th.  We have enjoyed our multiple wedding celebrations and are anticipating a great turnout at Ryan’s childhood home on August 2nd.  It will be fun to put on my wedding dress one last time!

If you’re planning on coming to Wisconsin, time and other information can be found under the Wedding Tab or just click here: Reception Information.  Email or text me for Ryan’s parent’s home address.  Remember to wear BLUE:-)

This weekend I received the pictures from our last reception.  Thank you Linda for documenting our event!  Here are some of many wonderful highlights:

IMG_0609The infamous apples.  Check out this post for the story: When Life Gives you Apples…

IMG_0694Both of my lovely Grandmothers.

IMG_0657My mother’s friends.  Not only are they a wonderful support but many of them helped to make out beautiful wedding invitations possible.  Thank you ladies for loving my mom and loving us!

IMG_0706One of Ryan’s favorite moments: Throwing the football with my cousin’s son.

IMG_0756This is one of my favorite pictures because this is what I wanted, time to chat with people and enjoy the river (it’s right through the trees).

IMG_0729Cheers to a happy marriage!

IMG_0691The blue toes are mine and I believe the pink toes belong to an aunt but I can no longer be sure.  Did you think I was going to wear my super tall heels on the grass!?  No way.  The tall blue wedding shoes were on display in the house:-)

IMG_0759This group represents some of my newest friends.  I loved seeing them at the celebration!

IMG_0817This group represents some of my oldest friends.  We’ve known each other since elementary school.  It was great to celebrate with them and their families.  On a side note: Laura has come to 2 of the 3 receptions.  You think she’ll come to Pardeeville and make it 3 for 3!?

IMG_0760And another family who I haven’t seen since college.  It was so great to catch up with this wonderful family!

IMG_0819Of course there are many more wonderful friends who were with us to celebrate.  Thank you everyone who made this day special for us.  We had a wonderful time on the Sacramento river with you.  We look forward to sharing more memories with you in the future.


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