Hawaii 9-0

Happy 4th of July everyone!  Ryan, my brother and I are celebrating by making the drive up to Sacramento today and back down tomorrow in order to celebrate my grandma’s 90th birthday.  We wish we could have stayed longer up in the Sacramento area but work schedules are tight.  Both my brother and Ryan have to be back on Sunday morning.  But that’s not going to stop us from celebrating this important family milestone.  Grandma only turns 90 once!

IMG_0407In true Zapp family style the party is themed: Hawaii 9-0.  Everyone will be decked out in their beachy, hawaiian finest.  And i’m sure that many will be lei-d in grandma’s honor.  There will be lots of laughter, good food, family time and of course introductions.  It’s the first time in many years that all aunts, uncles, grand babies, cousins and significant others will be together.  I’m looking forward to the family and cousin pictures.

So I wish everyone a happy 4th of July.  I hope you all enjoy celebrating with family and friends.  Despite the long drive, we will certainly enjoy this weekend.  Happy 90th Grandma!


One thought on “Hawaii 9-0

  1. Happy Happy Birthday Grandma! 90 is very special! We did the same for my Mom when she turned 90! Happy memories!

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