Craving Australia

Have you ever tasted Vegemite?  Well a few weeks ago Ryan and I bought some for the GO Expo and encouraged people to give it a try.  We spread it thinly on crackers so everyone could get a taste of the salty vitamin B rich flavor.  The reviews were mixed.  Some people needed a TimTam right away to wash it down while others wondered what the big deal was.  By the way, a TimTam is an Australian chocolate cookie.  The mixed reviews reminded me of a Luann comic strip that my mom cut out for me a couple years ago:

LuannNow my husband and I have this jar of Vegemite in our cabinet and I haven’t met anyone (even those who are Vegemite aficionados) who eat it by the spoonful.  But recently I’ve been craving a bit more Australia in my diet so the Vegemite is a perfect addition.  The main way I like Vegemite is on toast with butter and avocado.  This tames the flavor and exploits the saltiness in a good way.

IMG_0399I would definitely recommend this combination.  But I would also recommend meat pies.  This is a super yummy Australian meal or snack.  And most of the recipes include, you guessed it, Vegemite.  Just a teaspoon goes a long way in lending its unique flavor and salt to the dish.  So the other day I set out to make meat pies for dinner.  Since we didn’t have any medium sized pans, I used cupcake molds to make little individual sized ones.  They were a big hit and I will definitely try my hand at making them again.

IMG_0375The moral of the story is give Vegemite a try.  Even if you don’t prefer it in its purest form then there are other ways to enjoy it!  I’m certainly going to look for more recipes but the jar won’t be empty anytime soon.  If you’re in our area and want to give it a try, stop by, there is some Vegemite here just for you!

One thought on “Craving Australia

  1. Dear Joy – although we are 3000 miles away, we can taste the Vegemite from here. It was one of our unforgettable experiences during our several trips to Australia – blessings on you too as you continue to discover new ways to use this magical Australian stuff. Ron and Mary Lou

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