Marriage is Worth the Wait

Weddings are wonderful.  It is wedding season so there are lots of great celebrations to enjoy. On Saturday we attended a wedding that was a beautiful picture of Christ and the church.  I love attending weddings where the focus isn’t just on the bride and groom but instead on marriage as an earthly window into the reality of eternity.  As a wedding favor, we were given a book by John Piper called This Momentary Marriage.  I haven’t finished the book yet but in reading the first few chapters and glancing through the rest, this book is a lovely Biblical picture of marriage.  Piper holds marriage up while recognizing there is a place for marriage as well as single individuals in the fabric of the church.  My favorite quote so far is Piper quoting Geoffrey Bromiley, “As God made man in His own image, so He made earthly marriage in the image of His own eternal marriage with His people.”  Single or married, those who are in Christ will be a part of that amazing eternal marriage.

IMG_0403At the rehearsal dinner I listened to the mother of the groom and the mother of the bride discussing their children’s relationship.  Evidently the groom had told his mother that he knew the bride was ‘the one’ early on in their relationship but she wasn’t ready.  She needed more time just to get to know him and be sure before she committed to marriage.  Listening to this reminded me of what Christ does while he is wooing us.  He is sure that we are his, he has already chosen us as his bride and once that decision is made, he does not deviate from that plan.  But God is a gentleman and he pursues without pushing, giving us time to get to know him, to prove himself trustworthy and allows us to fall in love.  This is such a beautiful example of the amazing give and take that happens in a Christ centered relationship.

IMG_0981Congratulations to the beautiful bride who found a man who is willing to step up and be a husband modeled after Christ’s example.  He has proven himself worthy by his actions as he has pursued you with honor and now he will continue, by the grace of God, to be the leader of your household and your precious husband.  Congratulations to the happy groom who patiently waited for his bride.  He has found a good wife who will love, honor and submit to him as the church submits to Christ.  May the Lord bless you and keep you in this amazing convent of marriage.

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