Throw Back Thursday- June 2010

IMG_3430In 2010, I was living in Papua New Guinea.  And at the end of June, I was out in the village hosting some Discovery students along with my friend Sara.  We did scripture recordings and at least one teacher’s course.  The memories of the work details are now a bit fuzzy but the kid’s faces are still fresh in my mind.  Nevermind that these little ones are now 4 years older and probably growing up too fast.  On this particular day we didn’t work because the whole village had gathered to hear their area president speak.

IMG_5032It was a hot day and people used the umbrellas to shade themselves and you can see the stage and cover in the background.  It was built with wood from the area and decorated with grass, leaves and flowers for the guest of honor.  I don’t remember what the occasion was and i’m not sure I ever really knew then either.  This was just an opportunity to be out with the community.

IMG_3432Enterprising women brought out food and other things to sell while everyone was just sitting around.  A whole bundle of cooked, slimy, greens cost just 20 toea (or about 10 cents).  Little Liz sat on my lap and happily munched away, devouring the entire thing except for a few random strands that she shoved in my mouth.  The whole bundle was wet and my skirt was slimy from the mess but it was worth it.  I’d love to have another day in Walagu.  This was just 4 years ago but it’s now a world away.


One thought on “Throw Back Thursday- June 2010

  1. Yes, Joy, I can smell Walagu when I read your post. I feel the texture of the slimy greens on my tongue. And me too, I would love to have another day in Walagu!

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