Getting to Know Camarillo

Each place I move has a different feel, a different sense of community and a different way of celebrating their uniqueness.  For example: Ukarumpa has Hamburger Night, community theatre and Banquet.  Sacramento has 2nd Saturdays, art walks and the Capital.  Santa Barbara has both the ocean and mountains, State Street and 1st Thursdays.  And now I’m getting to know Camarillo.

Concertinthepark2Camarillo has the Outlets, old town where they have a weekly farmers market, and concerts in the park.  Concerts in the park are held during the summer and they are free for the community.  They have a great variety of music and it’s fun for all ages.  This summer they have everything from a tribute to Elvis, to the Rat Pack and last Saturday was country night.  People put out chairs and blankets starting Thursday night to save their spots on the lawn at Constitution Park.

IMAG0005I definitely felt like I was getting into the summer feeling when I went out early Friday morning to put down my blanket.  A lot of people had already staked out their spots and saved them with chairs and blankets.  We chose a nice Starwars blanket to save our space for the country concert 🙂   Since it’s in the neighborhood, Ryan and I just walked over.  And the park people bring in porta-pottys, designate walkways on the lawn and generally make it a pleasant experience for the crowd that gathers.

Concertinthepark1And a crowd certainly gathers.  Starting late afternoon on Saturday people bring picnics and start hanging out in the park.  There are families, couples and groups of people just enjoying the good weather and fun atmosphere.  Some people go a bit crazy and bring tables and we even saw a couple flower centerpieces.  But I guess that’s just how Camarillo rolls.  And because Saturday was country night, people came in their boots, hats and ready to dance.  There was a lot of two-stepping and line dancing going on by the stage.  It was a lot of fun and I am looking forward to more concerts in park!


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