Going Crazy for Curriculum

For those of you who don’t know, part of my part-time job is developing curriculum for an online ESL school.  Teaching English through the computer is a great use of technology but the classroom takes on a whole different feel.  Activities have to be modified and lesson plans have to be innovative but that’s what makes it interesting.  In the end students get the benefits of using new technology and having a native English speaking teacher.

I’ve just spent the last couple hours sorting through ESL videos and working on the structure for the latest set of ESL lessons.  Since the first lessons are geared towards younger learners, the videos and activities need to be energetic and engaging.  For example an example of the ideas we pull from, you can check out this YouTube video (The Shake Shake Song) from MapleLeafLearning.  I like it because it combines the new body part vocabulary with actions and singing.  You can’t listen to this song without doing a little shake!

whatdoyoulikesongAnd I also have been getting to know the characters and people in the videos that we tend to draw from.  This is Marty Moose.  He is from Canada. He knows how to make pizza and ski and play the guitar.  He’s a pretty talented moose.

Although the work can sometimes be tedious because organization, consistency and cohesion make a curriculum easy to use and follow, it’s great to be able to be creative once again and take advantage of my multi-tasking mind.  I’m thankful for a job that I enjoy, where I can learn and also create.


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