#11-#13 Why I Love My Husband

#11- His sense of care and protection.  For example: when we go on walks, he purposefully walks on the outside closest to the street. We rarely walk on busy or dangerous roads so in some ways this is a formality but he genuinely wants to protect and care for me.  With this little gesture, he is putting actions behind his words.

#12- His willingness to sell/get rid of many of his DVDs, baseballs cards and records.  Since we are hoping to be mobile, we don’t have the storage capacity for everything.  Ryan has begun the process of sorting through his large collections.  Anyone interested in buying DVDs, baseball cards or records, let me know.  We’ll make you a great deal!

IMG_0348DVDs lined up alphabetically on our wall.  The line extends well into the shadows.

IMG_0350Yes, these tubs are filled with baseball and even some football cards.  I love hearing Ryan’s collecting stories.  Some of these cards came with pizza and most of them are filled with sweet memories.  How about starting a collection for one of your kids?

IMG_0352This is just a fraction of the records Ryan is willing to part with.  But he’s not getting rid of everything because there is something still very special about listening to music on vinyl.

#13- His commitment to me.  He reminds me often that he is committed to loving me and making our marriage work.  His words help me to feel safe and secure in our relationship.

Check out the first 10 reasons why I love my husband: #1-#4, #5-#7, #8-#10.  Ryan is a wonderful, remarkable man.

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