Congratulations Lance and Jessie!

IMG_0331Ryan has two friends from Pardeeville, Wisconsin who both live in the LA area.  Three guys, all from small town Wisconsin, now living in southern California.  Growing up they never would have imagined it!  Living in LA and now two of them are married.  Lancer Dancer Nintendo Enhancer (as Ryan affectionately calls him) married his love Jessie today at the appropriately named Friendship Garden.

IMG_20140607_181524We just drove an hour but many people traveled from far and wide to celebrate with this special couple.  Jessie’s family is from Taiwan, Lance is, of course, from Pardeeville and they have friends all over the US.  But they are worth the trip.

IMG_20140607_165914It is rare to have a wedding where I don’t mind my husband picking up the bride.  Jessie looked amazing with her crown of flowers and beaming smile.

IMG_20140607_165458And just so you know they have the same height difference between them as Ryan and I do.  Congratulations Lance and Jessie.  We enjoyed celebrating with you.  Here’s to the happy couple!


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