Reception Card Highlights

Thank you everyone who attended the Sacramento Reception and for those of you who helped behind the scenes.  It was lots of fun!  Ryan and I enjoyed seeing and chatting with everyone.  We wished we had time for longer conversations with everyone!  More pictures to come but until then I hope you enjoy this amusing card and gift.  But before the amusing one please turn your attention to the unsigned one.  Anyone recognize this card and handwriting?  We would love to thank you properly:-)

IMG_0297Now having a wedding almost guarantees that you will receive a high volume of cards.  Ryan and I have enjoyed the travel themed ones, the funny ones and the sweet marriage blessings.  But every once in awhile there is a very unique card and this one deserves sharing.  It came with the game of Twister and it reads…

“You should physically come together regularly [to play Twister].  You need each other daily [to play Twister], you need each other often [to play Twister].  Do not deprive one another [of playing Twister] except for purposes of prayer and fasting.” -your wedding


Thanks friends.  You know who you are:-)  Anyone know the real reference?  I’ll never be able to look at those verses the same again.

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