A Library of Opportunities

For the last two years I have been moving and moving and moving some more.  Each month, every couple weeks, every other weekend.  Yup.  A lot of moving.  There are benefits to moving around and for what I was doing, it was the right move (pun intended).  But my situation is different now so I am trying to make the most of my more stationary life.

IMG_0283One of the biggest benefits to living in Camarillo is the amazing library.  I haven’t even explored all the corners but this place is full of amazing resources and it such an asset to the community.  The library offers both literacy and ESL classes as well as tutoring.  This is just one of the ways that it supports the diverse population.  I’ve loved getting to know Camarillo from this perspective.

IMG_0282Once a week I visit the learning center and work with a couple from Egypt.  Although they speak English very well, they are trying to improve their English skills so that they can start working in their professions again.  We practice conversation, we practice specific vocabulary, we practice navigating English websites and online applications.  For a couple hours a week I answer questions and give them undivided attention.  I enjoy getting to hear their stories and now being a part of their transition to the US.

IMG_0284The Camarillo library is a great place.  It supports community.  It supports language.  I’m thrilled to take advantage of my more stationary moment to be a part of my new community in this way.


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