A New Literacy Office

Meanwhile in Papua New Guinea… the plans are actually happening.  The old literacy office, which was literally falling apart, is now being replaced.  The wood has been cut, materials bought and transported, the workmen are in place and Beverly is out in the village overseeing the progress.

image008This project has a dear place in my heart for a few reasons.  #1- Literacy for the Onobasulu was my world for a few years and I love the idea that this office will help that work to continue.  #2- The kiddos.  Adult literacy is important but keeping the schools running with the right materials and having the sweet Onobasulu kids learning to read and write in Onobasulu is so important.  This office will help facilitate this work.  #3- I’m financially invested (and some of you are too!).  When I left PNG some of the money that was still in my account went into a literacy fund.  This money has been used for miscellaneous literacy materials and costs and now some of it is going into the wiring and other needs for this building.

image0091Thank you Beverly for keeping us posted via village email.  This building is an important part of the ongoing work for the Onobasulu.  I’ve learned today thanks to Beverly’s Blog that the building will also house places for translation and other church work.  This is great because it becomes more of a community responsibility and maximizes its use.

image0032Please be in prayer for this huge project.  Pray for the weather that there be enough rain to keep the tanks full but not too much that the work can’t continue.  Pray for the workers, that there would be no injuries and that everyone would stay healthy.  Pray for the community that will benefit from this building.  Pray that the leaders would be united and that the work of Bible Translation and the church would be blessed and move forward.  Pray that God’s name would receive glory because of the work that will happen within the walls of this new building.

I will be sure to post finished pictures!  Thank you everyone for praying and for those who supported my work in PNG.  Your gifts continue to give to this community.

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