Our Journey

While I celebrated at the wedding shower of a friend today, I couldn’t help thinking through all the changes that come with marriage.  The anticipation of engagement and everything leading up to the wedding is very exciting.  The wedding itself is a joyous occasion and for Ryan and I the celebrations are continuing.  But the reality of life and the changes after I Do, are now part of the everyday.  This reality is still settling in 7 weeks into my marriage.  In my head I knew that things would change but living through these changes is another thing entirely.

IMG_0263One of the changes that I still have yet to wrap my head around is the idea that I am no longer making decisions for myself only.  We are now two, together, walking hand in hand.  Life is a journey and I now have a partner for this journey.  That journey seems to be a theme that our friends and family have picked up in their gifts and cards as well.

I’m especially intrigued with the tandem bike theme that keeps showing up.  We’ve had multiple friends who’ve recommended riding tandem bikes and written about how tandem bikes have helped their marriage.  And the tandem bike cards are some of my favorites.  I love the idea and the picture of riding together through life, both literally and figuratively.  However, I’m not sure that Ryan and I will be able to take their advice to heart anytime soon.  I’m not the best bike rider even on my own so the thought of hopping onto a tandem bike with Ryan scares me for the both of us.  Maybe in the future, once we’ve learned to walk together, we will eventually ride together.  But, at this point, the journey is challenging enough on foot.

Even with the challenging changes, I love the man who I get to face them with.  Love and Life are both journeys and I am thankful to have an amazing partner for both of them.

One thought on “Our Journey

  1. Haha, really? Tandem bikes as a form of couples therapy, huh? Never heard that one before, but I can see why it might help. I think learning how to ballroom/swing dance can help strengthen a relationship since it involves lots of communication and teamwork.

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