Reasons #1-#4 Why I Love My Husband

I’m hoping that this will just be an ongoing list of all the great things that I love about Ryan.  It’s also a good excuse for me to look more closely for the fun, quirky, special, wonderful and even hidden things I might otherwise overlook.  Here’s to my favorite husband and all the reasons why I love him.

#1 I open the egg carton and find this.  He has his own unique sense of pattern and order.


#2 The new handle on our crockpot lid.  The first time I used the crockpot, the handle broke.  My husband is wonderfully handy enough to fix it.


#3 His commitment to devotions and prayer time as a couple.  It is very sweet to fall asleep under the cover of prayer.


#4 He keeps candy cigarettes in his car.  There’s always a pack lying around.


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