The Wedding Ring

When I first posted our engagement announcement HERE, I showed off the first part of the beautiful ring Ryan designed for me.  I was excited because even though it wasn’t complete yet, I already loved it.  The fact that Ryan designed it himself made it even more special.  Each time I looked down at the engagement ring, I saw my then fiancé’s care for me, his hope in our marriage and his faith to see it through.

IMG_0234Now the ring is complete and I love wearing it everyday.  Ryan designed it so the wedding band slides into the center of the ring under the engagement stone and the engagement ring wraps around it holding it in place.  The extra diamonds on the wedding band complement the setting and showcase the square cut main diamond.

IMG_0237I did not want to go ring shopping with Ryan.  For me this was like taking him wedding dress shopping.  But I didn’t want to send him in blind either.  So I used my friend Jenny as an intermediary and she filtered my requests and pointed Ryan in the right direction.  My basics wants were a square diamond, NOT yellow gold and low profile.  And the result was amazing.  Since Ryan couldn’t find what he was envisioning in his head, he went to a local jeweler with a picture and they put it into CAD and created the ring.  Ryan even picked out the main stone himself.

IMG_0238Neither piece of the ring now seems complete without the other.  I was thrilled with just the engagement ring and Ryan kept saying that it didn’t look right to him.  Now that I wear it together, just the engagement ring on its own does look incomplete and empty.  And it’s true, something was missing.  Engagement was wonderful and it was a necessary time for us but marriage is special and completing in its own way.

FP_RJR Wedding-71I love my ring and what it symbolizes.  But even moreso I love the man who put it on my finger twice, first when he asked me to marry him and once again on the day we said our vows.

One thought on “The Wedding Ring

  1. How very sweet! I just love reading the Newley wed thoughts! It brings back such special and lovely thoughts! Be happy for the next 80 years!!

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