All Suited Up

IMG_0131How many trips to the store does it take to get a suit?  Well 5 so far for us and at least one more to pick it up once the tailoring is done.  We went once to just check things out and see our options, then we went back to buy/order all the pieces, then we returned to exchange everything and re-buy it at a better price, and again to get Ryan fitted by the tailor and today we went back to exchange one of the shirts for one with a bigger neck.  That’s already more trips than it took to get my dress bought and fitted but who is really counting?  10 days until the wedding and Ryan is going to look very handsome in grey with a pop of blue!

One thought on “All Suited Up

  1. Oh what happy and exciting times, it seems like yesterday for us and it was 38 years ago! We wish you much happiness and may God bless your marriage!!

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