Opening RSVPs

The RSVPs are coming in.  Thank you to everyone who has responded so quickly and for those of you who haven’t there is still time.  Ryan and I are enjoying this envelope opening, spreadsheet compiling, handwriting deciphering, bonding time.  We also love reading the love notes from people but we are also thankful that not everyone has written something because it would extend the process, however enjoyable, even longer.  I’m sad to see that a few friends can’t make it to celebrate with us but we understand that even with three receptions it wasn’t going to be possible for everyone.  However, there are a couple people who are making the effort even from afar and Ryan and I are thrilled!  I will have PNG representation in Sacramento and Camarillo, who from my PNG friends is coming to Wisconsin!?  🙂

IMG_0122And as expected the RSVPs for Pardeeville are trickling in more slowly.  Since the Pardeeville reception isn’t until August, it is understandable.  But it makes every Pardeeville yes a little more celebrated, so when this one happened Ryan and I weren’t sure what to do.  Thank you to whoever sent this RSVP but with no return address we don’t know who you are.  However, we are very much looking forward to celebrating with you in August!

IMG_0121I also realized in this batch of RSVPs that some of you received unstamped return envelopes.  I am so sorry, there were some unstamped ones mixed in but my intention was to stamp them all.  Unfortunately with 500 invitations and thousands of envelopes and papers to corral some things slipped through the cracks.  Thank you for sticking your own stamp on it and supporting the US Post Office.

Ryan and I feel completely blessed to have so many people, family and friends who are excited about our future together and are going to start us out right by celebrating with us.  Thank you for being a part of this special time!

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