Last Year on This Day…

…I didn’t know this man even existed.  And now according to my wordpress countdown there are 17 days until our wedding.

Beach4According to archived OkCupid emails, Ryan first wrote to me on February 13th last year.  He was responding to my message after I had seen that he had looked at my profile.  We don’t know when I first wrote to him but it’s pretty safe to say that I had no idea on February 5th, 2013, while I was preparing to speak at the FOPC mission potluck in Sacramento, that this time next year I would be preparing for my wedding in Santa Barbara.

3 thoughts on “Last Year on This Day…

  1. God knew! He had a plan!! We are so very happy for you two! Some day Jack and I will have to share with you how God brought us together. I was never, never, never going to get married again, God had another plan! We wish you a Blessed Wedding!!

  2. It still amazes me when I see how tall Ryan is next to you! God even answers the “little” parts of our prayers 😉 Love you guys!

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