Love Notes

I’m getting married in less than a month so i’m allowed to brag about my amazing fiancé, Ryan.  Not only do I truly believe that he is God’s best for me but he truly believes that I am God’s best for him.  This sweet belief in God’s providence is a great assurance for both of us coming into a lifelong marriage in a world that is filled with uncertainties.  But even with that assurance, Ryan is committed not to let me just rest on words or vows said once and not ever repeated.  And one of the ways he does this is by hiding love notes for me.  This is the most recent one I found tucked away in the notebook that I use to keep my to-do lists and other things organized.

IMG_0108From the beginning of our relationship he would hide little notes telling me how much he enjoyed spending time with me and other sweet things.  I never knew where something would be hidden, sometimes tucked into the pocket of my purse or in my car or in a stack of random papers.  And then there were more after he started telling me he loved me.  Because of this I’ve learned that I have to fully check all his gifts because he tends to hide things in the strangest places, like the tag of this kangaroo that I had to rip open to even find the love note.

IMG_0110These notes are so simple but they mean so much to me knowing that he has hidden them and waited patiently (sometimes months!) for me to find them.  And he says he’s not going to stop (we’ll all hold him to that now:-).  I’m just so thankful to be marrying a godly man who loves me and is willing to put in the effort to make sure that I don’t have reasons to doubt that love.  I love you Ryan and I look forward to finding love notes from you for the rest of my life.


3 thoughts on “Love Notes

  1. Ryan has made points with me!! We never stop needing to hear our mate loves us, both husbands and wife’s! You two are so cute together and yes God has found you each for each other. You are both Blessed! We wish you much happiness……

  2. Reblogged this on Finding Joy in Western Australia and commented:

    Two weeks ago I found a hidden love note from my husband. This is one of his strengths, loving me in intentional but simple ways. I posted about it on my Instagram and got to brag a little about this sweet man. But these notes have a history, so as we await our first child, I want to look back to our engagement and dating when I began to find love notes from this wonderful man. I hope you enjoy this little flash back to 2014.

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