Thank you Amazing Helpers!


Guess what i’ve been doing since Saturday?  It includes 1500 pictures.  1000+ envelopes.  A football field or two of tape and other miscellaneous and sundry items.  Yup.  Those are my invitations.  The bags of them ready and loaded to be taken to the post office.  Maybe with our help they won’t have to raise the price of stamps just yet.  Ok probably not but I should get some sort of bulk stamp buying discount.

IMG_5920A big thank you to my mother and lots of other family and friends who made this possible.  Without their help I would still be sticking, cutting, embossing, stamping, stuffing, folding and sorting.  I’m thrilled with the finished product and I can’t wait until people start seeing them in their mailboxes.  And it was lovely to have different people involved with all the steps from prepping everything to compiling and finally stuffing and sorting.  My mom and I have great friends!

IMG_5948A special thank you to my amazing Dad.  So here’s the deal.  Normally Dad’s just write the check but not my Dad.  He helped us with pop dots, attaching the invitations to the pockets and even helped address some of the envelopes in very impressive cursive.  There has to be some sort of great father award.  Thank you Dad!

2 thoughts on “Thank you Amazing Helpers!

  1. We just got ours…. Gorgeous!!!! What a wonderful ‘keep sake’ for you two xoxo
    All your family & friends working together did a Marvelous Job!!
    We are So Excited for you Two!!! Hugs & Kisses & God’s Blessings xo xo xo

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