A Season of Giving

The news coverage of Typhoon Haiyan has died down but the work and the needs in the Philippines continue.  This is a pretty typical disaster situation where the giving starts to dry up after a surge of donations.  Unless you are directly effected by the disastrous event, it is easy to forget about the ongoing rebuilding of homes and lives once the incessant news coverage has ceased.

GDR_Philippines1020206But there is still work to be done.  The grieving and recovery is a long process that takes time and energy.  MTW is still on the ground.  They are not leaving once the first wave of needs have been met.  MTW is committed to their ongoing ministry in the Philippines.  There is also a construction and a medical team now in Bogo, Cebu.  You can find the latest updates from these teams at: MTW Philippines Disaster Response.

Besides reading the updates there are other ways to get involved.

1. Give a onetime donation to the ongoing typhoon relief.  Details can be found on the MTW disaster relief page.

2. Become an MTW minuteman and be a part of the first response for future events.

MINUTEMEN FOR MISSIONS is a ministry of compassionate response to urgent human suffering. The Minutemen make up a group of people who commit themselves to the support of this need or opportunity by prayer and by giving of resources.
The Minutemen stand ready to send $5.00 or more up to four times a year, as they are notified. Gifts sent to MTW from the Minutemen are used most often by MTW missionaries to minister God’s compassion to suffering people around the world.
You can become a MINUTEMAN FOR MISSIONS by signing the form (found here) and returning it to Mission to the World.

3. Sponsor a Child.

MTW has child sponsorships in places where they are working.  The children sponsored in the Philippines are all accounted for and safe.  $35 a month can transform a child’s life.  There are children ready and waiting for someone to become a part of their lives.  Find out more on the at MTW OneChild.  Sponsoring a child could be a great family Christmas gift with life changing returns.

Thank you for taking time during this season of giving to consider the broader needs of our world.

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