I Nailed It!

OK so that excitement is actually very sarcastic but it is interesting that I have yet another strange, fluke of a car problem.  Many of you read about my back window weirdness while on the way up to Washington.  If you aren’t familiar with the story then you can click HERE and read about how I managed to have my back windshield shattered while driving on the freeway.  I don’t know how it happened and I don’t know how I managed to get a nail in the side of my tire either.

IMG_9956Most tire punctures happen in the tread of the tire.  I mean that makes sense because you can easily roll over a nail and have it pushed into the tire.  But there are only a few ways to get a nail driven into the side of your tire in a way that can’t be patched or fixed.

IMG_9954You can see the nail sticking out of the left side of the tire.  The guys at the tire place said that they have seen very few punctures like this and it is not safe to be on the freeway with this type of puncture because if they nail gets loose then you will lose tire pressure right away.  Since I didn’t have a nail in my tire when I left Sacramento on Sunday and I didn’t notice the nail until yesterday, I am very happy that I didn’t have my tire blowout or lose pressure while I was between Sacramento and Southern California.  Praise God for his protection.

So now I have ordered a new tire and am stuck in Camarillo until it gets fixed.  Being stuck in Camarillo isn’t such a bad thing because I am even closer to Ryan and I am thankful for friends who are generously letting me stay longer at their home.  Hopefully the tire will arrive today or tomorrow so that I can continue on up to Santa Barbara.  But until then I am getting computer work done and enjoying the sunny and cool southern California winter weather.


3 thoughts on “I Nailed It!

  1. So glad for God’s protection! The alternative is unthinkable. Be safe, make best use if your ‘found’ time, and enjoy! Hugs Regina

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  2. Americas Tires replaces tire for free, if you purchased there, also will prorate if your tires don’t last as long as they should have. Free rotation and tire check any time free. Great customer service. We just bought new tires, were told should have lasted longer, were given $35.00 on each tire towards new tires! Check it out for future!!

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