Prayer and Pumpkin Carving

Last night I was prayed for by a pirate and a ballerina.  After a long week of computer work and introversion, I debated even leaving my house.  I knew that I needed and wanted the people time but I was grumpy.  After all it was Halloween (or as celebrated in my circles Reformation Day) and everyone was dressing up, getting together and enjoying themselves.  But I didn’t have any inspiration for a costume and frankly I was tired.  Tired from a few restless nights and tired from being alone most of the week.  Introverts recharge by themselves but as an extrovert I need people in order to properly recharge.  And so I set out through the streets of Santa Barbara, careful not to hit any little costume clad pedestrians along the way.  I finally arrived at my destination and was all set to put on my happy face and just enjoy being with people again.

But I don’t hide my emotions very well and it was obvious that I wasn’t ok.  So I found myself crying in the kitchen, clutching a warm cup of mulled wine and spilling my weeks frustrations to the nearest friends who happened to be a pirate and a ballerina.  There is something really beautiful about friends who listen well.  They don’t just give you a hug, say it will be ok and move on.  They listen and encourage and share with you in your frustrations.  And these friends prayed.  Prayer is powerful and soothing.  So then a monster came in and she blessed me with a little more encouragement which gave me an excuse to spend little more time away from the group before stepping out into the party.

photoThe rest of the evening was relaxed and enjoyable.  We played stick the bow tie on the mummy, ate copious amounts of chips and pie, carved pumpkins, toasted (and ate!) yummy pumpkin seeds and generally had a great time just enjoying each others company.

I am thankful for friends that welcome me in even when I just show up sporadically.  I am thankful for pumpkins that provide us with fun activities and delicious things like pie.  And I am thankful that I left the house last night, if only because I got to be prayed for by a pirate and a ballerina.

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