Bootcamp and Parallels: Windows and Apple Working Together

Let me preface this by saying that I am not going to claim any technical prowess or knowledge beyond the very basics.  I did not set up or install any of this on my own.  But thanks to a very gifted and kind friend (who shall remain nameless so other people don’t maul him for his computer savvyness), I have a happy, working, Mac computer that still allows me to access and work on all of my older Publisher files.

Ok so I can do more than just Publisher, I can use any Windows program that isn’t Mac compatible.  However, during this transition, Publisher is the program that I care most about while I transfer data to more widely used and Mac friendly programs.

Is it possible that Windows and Mac can co-exist happily?  I’m not sure the answer is a huge resounding YES! but thanks to this lovely program called Parallels, it is more than a possibility, it is a reality.


Mac users may know that they can set up their computer to run windows using Bootcamp.  I don’t know why they call it Bootcamp but it definitely gives my head a workout trying to understand it all.  So the deal is that if you have Bootcamp, you need to turn off and on the computer in order to move between Mac and Windows.  However, if you install Parallels then you can run them both side by side.


This is my Mac computer with the full screen windows interface.  It acts generally like any regular Windows computer except it responds to Mac keyboard commands.  I spent this morning working on a newsletter that I had already started in publisher.  This was the big test and despite a few little hiccups I found simple ways to navigate between both Windows and Mac quite effectively.

Of course there is still a lot more to learn and I will have more to play with and organize as I start to transfer all my files off of my backup drives.  But for now I am happy that this solution makes for an easier, less painful transition from Windows to Mac.  I wish someone had explained these programs and this process to me sooner.  I might have been less Mac resistant.  The keyword there is ‘might’.

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