Support Raising, Anticipation and Trusting God

When do you leave for Australia?  What is your current timeline?  When do you think you will have the financial support? How much do you have to raise!?  How do you currently to support yourself?  What have you been doing since you returned from PNG?  What do you do on a typical day? Why are you not going back to PNG?

These are pretty normal questions that tend to come up whenever I have conversations about Australia.  I spent this past weekend in Santa Clarita having lots of interesting conversations, sharing about the work in Australia and building relationships.  I I did my best to answer the questions that were asked but, like usual, as I answered I wondered if people wanted the easy simplified answer or the longer more complicated, sometimes confusing answer.

There are a few current realities in my life that impact the answers to these questions.  God has opened my heart and put me on this path towards Australia.  I want to be in Australia.  My full-time job is support raising and I work for MTW.  I am dating an amazing man and we are discussing what the future might hold for us.  I am NOT engaged.

So what does this mean for my current work and direction towards Australia?  I am having to trust that God’s timing is not my own.  And I need to be faithful even with the current uncertainty.  I wondered early on in my relationship with Ryan, if I should just say no to Ryan and yes to Australia.  In my mind it was an either/or thing.  But then I realized that even saying no to Ryan wouldn’t  ensure the financial support for Australia.  Maybe I would have gained more supporters if I hadn’t been dating Ryan but there is no guarantee that I would be any further along in the process.  This is my job and I need to be faithful and continue to do the work that I have been given to do until God directs me elsewhere.  God is in control and it is his will that will be done.

And what does this mean for my relationship with Ryan?  I am trying to simply enjoy the place we are in.  Even though we can’t anticipate all the ramifications and changes that will come after engagement and marriage, we are fully aware that things will change.  And while we are trying to be intentional with our discussions and planning, we also just want to continue getting to know each other and enjoying the time we have together now.  For me this means being patient, being faithful in my current circumstances and looking to the infallible God of the universe for guidance as I learn what it is to trust a wonderful yet fallible man.

Hopefully this also answers the question of what I do on a typical day.  I may not have a set schedule but each day I am raising support, anticipating the future and trusting God through it all.

2 thoughts on “Support Raising, Anticipation and Trusting God

  1. Hi Joy

    I just want to pledge that Ralph and I fully intend to support you to some degree. We just have a couple of hurdles to get over. We had some unexpected medical bills, and we are still waiting to see where we stand on those. But, we will commit. It may be after the first of the year, but it will happen.

    And we are so happy that Ryan is in your life. There is no reason why the 2 of you cannot go to Australia. I do hope this is God’s plan for you.

    Again, Congratulations on meeting this wonderful man!

    Give your mom and dad my love.



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