Computers and Cars- Welcome to October

It’s October 1st and a new start to a new month.  Let’s hope that it gets better from here.  I’m not even thinking of what is happening in politics and the news but personally my patience and resilience are both definitely being tested.  These may just be little things but they impact my work, my finances and many other aspects of my life.

The Computer Update:  It’s dead.  It’s gone.  I am mourning the loss.  Less then two years old and there is a problem with the hard drive once again.  But additionally the motherboard has failed.  It seems to have been an issue from the beginning which probably caused the hard drive to fail the first time.  This makes me sad.  So now, because replacing the motherboard is expensive and doesn’t guarantee a fix, I am in the market for a new computer.  Any advice or tips would be greatly appreciated.  Living without a computer would be a wonderful thing but that’s not really an option.

The Car Update: It’s not dead.  It still runs just fine but there is a large lovely dent in the bumper because I was backed into last night while backing out of the parking lot after looking at computers with a family friend.  No one was injured and, other then the dent, both cars are fine.  However, this is one more thing to deal with.  Because I was out of my space already there is a chance that I would not be liable at all and therefore not have to pay a deductible but that’s hard to prove in these parking lot things so we will have to wait and see what the insurance figures out.  Please pray that it would be resolved quickly and that I would have to pay as little as possible to get it fixed.

I would say that I wish we could just skip October but there are a lot of good things on the schedule and so I am ready to let this month redeem itself.  Happy October 1st everyone!



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