A Sad Computer Strikes Again

I was just about ready for the final edit and printing of my September Newsletter.  And I have a few more projects in process but unfortunately my computer had some other ideas.  It has decided not to start. This happened last December so it is extremely frustrating to be dealing with this once again.  Less then a year later!  I am going to try and keep up with my blog as well as send out my newsletter sooner rather then later but please be patient with me.


One thought on “A Sad Computer Strikes Again

  1. Life was so much better before computers! I Hate Hate them. My life was so much easier without computers and cell phones, we talked to each other, if we called and you were not there we just called again and and were so glad to see or talk to each other! Don’t get me started. Life is going way tooooooooo fast for me! Stop, slow down and enjoy each day God has given us and apprecaite every minute of it!!

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