Functioning in Mono Aftermath

I think I could get use to napping during long drives.  Don’t worry, I wasn’t napping while driving.  I pulled over at a rest stop.  But during a 7 hour drive, I definitely needed the multiple breaks and a nap to keep me going.  In general I’m feeling much better.  I’m sleeping more normally, i’m not super fatigued after simple tasks and i’m eating again even if my appetite isn’t really back.  I really like food so it’s not such a hardship to force myself to eat at least something over the course of the day.

I’ve started taking walks again and I realized that I was feeling better when at the end of a good length hilly walk, instead of feeling wiped out with fatigue, I just felt out of shape.  I never would have thought that I would be so excited about being out of shape.  And now I get to figure out how to slowly get back into shape without pushing too hard and relapsing.

I am also going with minimal caffeine intake.  I thought a couple weeks ago that I was feeling a lot better but then I had a latte.  My poor heart didn’t know what was happening.  It was racing and very uncomfortable.  My heart eventually slowed back down to normal but I evidently didn’t drink enough water to counteract the dietetic properties and so I found myself dehydrated and just feeling crummy the following day.  I’m not going to give up coffee forever but I will definitely wait a little while longer before reintroducing it into my routine.

While I am not yet back to normal, I have a new normal and that’s good for me right now.  I can enjoy taking things at a little slower pace, take naps when I need them and hopefully as I begin to work out more I will start to feel hungry again.  And for now I will enjoy tea while looking forward to the day I can drink lattes again without hazard to my heart.

3 thoughts on “Functioning in Mono Aftermath

  1. Glad you are feeling better even if it is baby steps. Mono takes a lot out of you and it will decide when you are ready to get back to your normal self!

  2. Be gentle with yourself ! An illness like mono is like a loss – loss of normal energy and endurance, loss of initiative maybe, and in your case , loss of coffee, horrible! It is also, however, the opportunity to feel God’s wings carrying you and enfolding you, and His voice saying, “Take that nap, but lock your car doors in rest stops.” He loves you and so do I. Debbie

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